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Hello Mr. Masad, My name is Conner (IroncladDev) and I want to help you bring the next billion software developers online.

I've always had a firey zeal for programming, and I've been looking for a place where I can put my skills into building large applications.

Link to my otcatchup solution:

Why I want to work here

Ironcladdev holding the replit logo vector illustration

Ever since the day you asked me to do an internship at replit, I told myself I would give everything I had to achieve that goal.

Last year, Mr. Faris Masad interviewed me, gave me some tips, and encouraged me to try again this year. Immediately the next day, I started practicing multitasking and communicating while speed-solving algorithms, building large projects on the same stack replit uses, and continued to expand my skillset to make sure I was ready.

On the replit team are some of the most awe-inspiring people I've ever known and the dedication they are putting into replit is astounding. As I venture deeper into the replit universe each day, my urge to contribute grows only larger and stronger.

Replit is the reason why I am the programmer I am today, the reason why I learned the superiority of Next.js and GraphQL, the motivation to become a better programmer, and so much more. I want to use what you have given me to give back to replit and also to the millions of people out there who want to succeed as a programmer.

How I want to contribute

Ironclad typing on a keyboard vector illustration

Of all the aspects of replit, one of the things I love most is the community. I want to build things that will impact and build up replit's most defining feature. Whether fixing frontend issues, bugs on user profiles, creating a new graphql mutation, or even being the scapegoat on the replit team, I'd be overjoyed to work with y'all.

Throughout all my years of programming, I love being a fullstack developer working both on the client and server side. Having a balance between the two lets me express the imaginative and artistic side of my brain as well as the mathematical and algorithmic side.

Two years ago, I graduated high school and currently am in an online university. Now I will be able to dedicate everything I've got to seeking pain and shipping new features.


Capabilities illustration vector graphic

Stack Familliarity - Javascript has been my main programming language for over five years, I have a solid understanding of Next.js and React, manipulating the GraphQL is a breeze to me, and I am familliar with the designs and styles of Replit.

Time Management - I always create a structured schedule while leaving a little extra spot for any unexpected circumstances. I wake up at 5:00AM each morning to start my day. A few extra hours can change from shipping fast to shipping both fast and furious.

I go by many names, but late isn't one of them.

Some of my work

Thanks to replit, I was able to launch some pretty cool projects. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Moderation Dashboard

A gif of the replit moderation dashboard, unpublishing a repl reported via board report

I was asked to build replit's official moderation dashboard. I really enjoyed thinking of how to do as many actions in the least amount of clicks possible, adding a bunch of scanning tools, and creating lots of new features.


Replverse landing page gif

This was one of my largest projects, featuring a fully-functional recreation of replit apps, a realtime chat, and a bunch more features.


Image of with recently-created tutorials on it

This was my first-ever next.js project, and it was awarded one of the Repls of the Year in 2021. It includes detailed answers to a bunch of common questions in the replit discord.

Once more, thank you so much for creating replit and giving me and so many others such a great opportunity to grow in the field of programming. Let's bring the next billion programmers online - as a team.

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